"I am extremely grateful to Yan Ping Jin for her knowledge of healing through acupuncture. For six months I suffered from a terrible case of an inflamed sciatica nerve related to a spondylolisthesis condition (a vertebra slipped forward from the spine), which sent electric and throbbing pains from my hips down my legs to my feet. In the morning it was so bad I was unable to bend to put on my shoes and socks, and during the day any wrong movements caused excruciating pain that prevented me from doing anything at all. I tried many therapies, including anti-inflammatory medicine, but nothing worked until Yan Ping Jin began acupuncture treatments. Almost immediately I could feel the condition improve, and it kept improving in the weeks to follow. Now I can bend normally again! Besides being a gifted acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, Ms. Jin is a kind and sympathetic health practitioner, with a great “doctor’s bedside manner.”



"Yan Ping is professional, warm, and genuinely seems concerned about my well-being. I go for weekly treatments - sometimes combined with Chinese herbs (which Yan Ping is very knowledgeable in) – and have noticed a huge difference over time. I am 100% confident that Yan Ping's acupuncture and Chinese herbs have helped my body get back in balance. I cannot say enough positive things about Yan Ping and her practice!"


"I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Yan Ping Jin for the past 11 years to treat chronic pain in both my knees and my back due to arthritis. The therapy has reduced the pain that I have experienced. This has allowed me to play tennis, work out in the gym, and perform normal daily activities. Her treatments ultimately delayed my eventual knee replacement despite being bone on bone in both knees for many years. After a total knee replacement, I found the acupuncture regimen helped to reduce post-operative pain and the need and desire to use potentially harmfully prescription drugs. Yan Ping’s treatments helped to reduce the inflammation and stiffness related to knee replacement surgery aiding in regaining flexibility of my knee. I strongly believe because of her treatment plan I have been able to delay having my second total knee replacement.

Yan Ping has also has been treating me for chronic back pain for the past 8 years. This has allowed me to perform simple tasks without the constant pain I had been experiencing.

Dr. Yan Ping Jin focuses on ensuring I am able to maximize the benefits of her treatments in performing activities such as walking without pain, working in my garden, and perform everyday behaviors that the back and knee pain would prevent me from performing. Yan Ping’s treatments have greatly increased the quality of my life. My plan is to continue with my current treatments and benefit from the expertise that Dr. Jin offers in planning my individualized care."


"I have been seeing Dr. Jin for more than 10 years, and it’s been a wonderful success!  She’s an extraordinary healer.

I first began seeing her more than ten years ago, when, as a very mature woman getting pregnant by IVF, I sought help to hold the pregnancy.  I got treatments during the entire pregnancy, and I am thrilled to report that, at the age of 51, I not only gave birth to my brilliant and health daughter, but the pregnancy itself was a breeze. My labor was only two hours long, honestly!  At the time, the Beth Israel doctors and staff were amazed that such an older woman could have such an easy natural childbirth, without medication.  But I’d had extra help.  Acupuncture helped my body to do quite an amazing job! 

Now, ten years later, I still see Dr. Jin regularly, again with great success, particularly for two issues—migraines and immune function. A chronic migraine sufferer, I saw a migraine specialist who recommended acupuncture to support conventional treatment.  I now see Dr. Jin weekly for headaches, and the result has been wonderful. Instead of suffering debilitating migraines every 4 to 6 weeks, I seldom have any migraines at all—at most, one major migraine a year!

In addition, as an older, active mother of two wonderful children and a professional working woman, I sometimes have challenges with serious fatigue and weak immune function.  That too, has improved dramatically.  For several winters in a row now I have avoided major colds (no flu!), and generally find that my energy level is much better.

I can’t recommend Dr. Jin highly enough.  For not only acupuncture, but also herbal remedies, she is a master!  My health has improved significantly.  She is a true healer."


“When my 91 year old mother began treatment with Yan Ping several years ago, she had previously been in and out of the hospital, having suffered an embolic stroke, along with multiple transient ischemic attacks, due to afibrillation and aortic stenosis.  Since Yan Ping’s herbal treatment began, which I administer on a regular basis, my mother’s heart condition has been stabilized and she has not had experienced further neurological events. This has had a profoundly positive impact on my mother’s quality of life along with making my life so much less stressful, and more manageable, as her caregiver.  We are so appreciative!” 


"For more than ten years now, I have received acupuncture treatments for stress management and maintenance of my immune system from Dr. Yan Ping Jin. Having had experience with other acupuncturists previously, I feel that her knowledge and skill as a health professional are unsurpassed. We are fortunate to have her in the Boston area.

Dr. Yan Ping Jin has treated my 95-year-old father for the last five years. She successfully healed his sciatica, has managed his constipation, increased his energy, helped to maintain his spirits, and generally contributed to his well-being during these golden years. My family and I are grateful for her tremendous talent, diagnostic abilities, and her kindness."


"I had hip replacement surgery in August of 2017.  Prior to the surgery, Dr. Jin treated me with acupuncture to strengthen my immune system.  About a week after surgery I began weekly treatments to foster healing and increase circulation near the incision.  The treatments hastened the healing process and gradually restored the surrounding tissue, which was dense and tough from the trauma of the surgery, to normal color and consistency."


"I saw Dr. Jin after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. Her treatments and recommendations were able to bring my blood pressure down over the course of several months and allowed me to avoid taking blood pressure medications.

I later saw her when I experienced spontaneous osteonecrosis of the knee, a situation where the blood supply essentially stops going through the bones of your knee. There is no known cause—or treatment—for this, but if it persists it can result in the collapse of the knee and require a knee replacement—something I certainly didn’t want! Within six weeks of treatment of both acupuncture and herbs, my knee returned to normal, the pain was gone. I cannot recommend Dr. Jin highly enough."


"I first visited Dr. Jin for fertility concerns after receiving a diagnosis and wanting to try Chinese Medicine. After taking herbs for a few months, we conceived and are now parents to a beautiful boy. We will always be grateful to Dr. Jin.

 I’ve also suffered back issues, muscle pains, foggy thinking, and skin issues that have all been reduced or fully resolved through her treatments.

 Dr. Jin is perceptive and thorough. I’m grateful for the level of concern for my well-being, and have no doubt she’s helped me become a healthier and happier person."


"Dr. Jin worked out of the same office as a massage therapist I was seeing for back pain and sleep issues.  He suggested that acupuncture might be a better treatment for me and recommended Dr. Jin.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Jin for 13 years.  In addition to treating my back pain and sleep difficulties Dr. Jin has treated me for shoulder pain, upper back and neck tension, poor circulation, and given me treatment to boost my immunity at the start of cold season. 

Since I began acupuncture treatment I’ve also derived some unexpected side benefits: I get some of the deepest sleeping during acupuncture treatment and I no longer get chest colds in the winter that last for weeks.  I wasn’t expecting these benefits, but Dr. Jin said it’s common for people to share similar experiences. 

A couple years ago I started running and from time to time have either injured myself or acquired various associated aches and pains.  Dr. Jin has treated me for a cracked rib, sprained thumb, plantar fasciitis, and tightness in my IT bands and calves.

It was my good fortune to receive that recommendation all those years ago, as I’ve been reaping the benefits ever since!"


"I am a long time (8 years) patient of Dr. Jin’s.  At first I came to see Dr. Jin for curing my headache.  After my headache was successfully treated, I continued to use acupuncture as my body and mind healing method.  Over the years, I have used acupuncture to take care of my Adhesive Capsulitis (aka frozen shoulder), lower back and knee pain, and it also helps me to de-stress and minimize menopause symptoms.  And when I caught a cold, acupuncture helps me to recover from it faster.

 Acupuncture has became a proactive way for me to take care of my health and natural way to heal me when I am not feeling well.  Because I feel it is more important to have the meridians always in tune and the body and the immune system stay healthy and active than curing the ailing after it occurs.  

Dr. Jin’s collective clinical encounters are very comprehensive, over the eight years I was often impressed by how confident she is in knowing how to treat all kind of health issues using the combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  Dr. Jin is passionate in her practices and she is very compassionate when treating her patients.  She is one of the best acupuncture and Chinese herbal doctors in town."


"I have been seeing Dr. Jin for about two years now. I went to see her originally for my high blood pressure (hypertension), which she has cured. She also has treated me for a knee injury, back pain, shoulder pain, stress, and weight loss (I am 56 years old with the usual aches and pains). She is the third acupuncturist I have seen over the years, and by far the best. She leaves the needles in for 45 minutes instead of the usual 20. I have recommended her to a number of friends and they have all had success with her."


"I have sleep apnea and used a CPAP machine for many years in order to get a good night’s sleep.  A few years ago I learned that some sleep apnea sufferers have had success via TCM.  After a succession of treatments by Dr. Jin, including acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, and recommendations for changes in diet and sleep hygiene, I have been able to stop using my CPAP but still sleep soundly.  I had a sleep study done after my treatments and my regular physician told me my sleep was good with almost no evidence of sleep apnea, and I am very grateful to be able to sleep without a CPAP."


"Yan Ping has been an integral part in maintaining my family's health for over 15 years.  Her vast medical knowledge and compassionate care are evident in every single treatment.  She is truly a wonderful healer and I would recommend her to everyone. " 


"I have been a regular client of Dr. Jin’s for over three years. She has treated me for a number of conditions including gall bladder issues, sleeplessness, arthritis and internal cysts. I have had acupuncture, and have also taken herbs when called for.

Dr. Jin brings with her not only a profound knowledge of Chinese medicine, but also a compassionate and caring temperament. It’s clear to me that her treatments have been most beneficial to my health. I recommend her very highly."



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