Low Back Pain Management

Many of my patients ask me this question, “If Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is beneficial to human health, why does western medical society not promote this method to their patients?” Well, there may be various reasons, but one of them is that western medical practices follow closely with the official medical standard and recommendation and the history of TCM practice in the US is not yet long enough to get into the official promoting list. The good news is, there is more and more awareness from the medical society and the corresponding policy is gradually being released as well. The American College of Physicians (ACP) recently recommended non-drug treatments as first line therapy for low back pain (LBP) and Acupuncture is recommended for both Acute and Chronic LBP. ACP is the largest society of medical specialists in the world. ACP’s Clinical Practice Guidelines provide clinicians and public with recommendations based on the best available evidence. This new recommendation will give physicians and medical practitioners more confidence in recommending acupuncture for their patients who suffer from LBP. For more details about this guideline, please see the article.


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